Manage multiple domain/portals for different audiences with their
own admins, branding, and authentication, showing your commitment to their success and creating familiarity for their learners.

Docebo’s AI learning-specific algorithms for extended enterprise take learning beyond the four walls of your organization to train partners, customers and members

Keep your partners engaged, aligned with your brand

Train and engage partners with AI-powered learning in a way that makes their learning activities successful and increases their adoption of your products and improves the value of your membership programs by providing continuous learning opportunities and certification programs.

Delegate administration, while controlling content

Assign administrative rights to customers and partners so they can manage tasks (adding, removing users, assigning courses), while maintaining control over knowledge assets. AI automatically tags your content to reduce admin times and categorization, while deep global search makes it easy for learners to uncover content that’s of value to them.

Open new revenue streams

Sell learning content to generate new revenue, while producing deeper connections with your partners and reducing customer churn.

Adapt gamification mechanics for each unit

Improve course completion and comprehension with gamification. Every administrator can make learning fun and improve learning outcomes by running unique contests, awarding points, badges and/or coins for activities and track it all in a leaderboard to take advantage of people’s competitive nature.

Set up multiple custom domains

Docebo allows you to set up multiple custom domains. Docebo’s Extended Enterprise functionality allows you to rebrand your platform to show customized branding elements for each domain, manage multiple authentication mechanisms, and multiple groups of administrators for multiple domains

Secure access with multiple Single Sign On (SSO) authentication methods

Give users a variety of authentication methods to get them in front of your learning content faster.

Create custom branded portals

Provide a customer-centric experience by branding each portal, showing your commitment to their success and creating familiarity for their learners