Enable Artificial Intelligence-powered learning – on the go

Mobile devices aren’t simply a part of a new reality – they’ve taken over the way humans consume content.

Why is mobile learning so important?

Today, almost two-thirds of all digital media is viewed on smartphones. Meanwhile, two of every three learners say accessing learning content from a mobile device is essential to their development.

Access knowledge at the point of need

Mobility improves your capacity to get the right information to learners at the point of need. When learners have direct access to a mobile solution, they are never more than a click away from the information they need, no matter their location.

Accelerate knowledge exchange

Enable learners to play a role in the learning content creation process by encouraging them to create instructional videos, shot on their mobile phones. Doing so alleviates content creation pressures on admins, while accelerating knowledge exchange rooted via experiential learning.

Uninterrupted learning

Docebo’s native mobile app produces frictionless, uninterrupted experiences for your learners. Learners can even take training courses while offline, with progress automatically tracked and synced with their Docebo learning platform when back online.

Prepare your L&D activities for the mobile-first future

Create Customized
Mobile Learning Experiences

Configuration is easy, requiring only a few clicks to manage the look and feel of their learners’ mobile experience via desktop, including the ability to include logo and branding.

Satisfy Curiosity With Course
Catalog Self-Enrollment

A self-enrollment function empowers learners to seek out opportunities on their own, amplifying learner autonomy and overall engagement with your learning platform.

Connect with the workforce
of the future

Exceed the expectations of Millennial and Gen-Z employees by giving them to option to learn on their mobile devices.

Available on
iOS or Android

Docebo’s native mobile app is optimized for iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets, to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

Enable mobile learning anytime, anywhere with Docebo