Capture learning as it happens, in the flow of work

Forget the “forgetting curve”: boost knowledge retention rates by up to 70% with social learning

Your employees spend 484 hours every year learning informally via social means, compared to just 21 hours learning formally

Docebo Coach & Share helps you measure and draw insights from social learning, by curating knowledge capital, filling knowledge gaps, and cultivating a culture of learning.

Reduce the time it takes to
onboard new employees

Social learning acclimates new hires to their peers and internal subject matter experts quickly, encouraging them to feel comfortable asking the right questions or sharing content related to their own expertise sooner and more effectively.

Create a community
of coaches

Constructivism promotes learning as an active and constructive process, in which learners become teachers. It assists in creating a workforce full of stakeholders that are engaged with their training as a result of informally training their peers.

Improve communication
across the organization

Social learning facilitates collaboration organically, especially in an e-learning environment, in which insights are shared and valued across the entire organization.

We live what we preach: upon deploying social learning, Docebo shortened
Account Executive onboarding time requirements by 25%

Realize the ROI of Social Learning

Organizations leveraging alternative training models like social learning and 70-20-10 reap these benefits:


More likely to report improvements in staff motivation


More likely to respond fast to business change


More likely to be able to attract talent

* Source: The 70:20:10 Institute

Uncover the value of social learning in the workplace with Docebo Coach & Share