Enable employee development, propel engagement and retain top talent

There is a big difference between those who maintain a business and those who make it thrive: engagement

Your Workforce Wants to Learn

Three out of every four employees are hungry to learn new skills (or re-train) to remain employable in the future.
The Docebo Learning Platform enables you to deliver top-notch employee development programs, helps you keep top talent with your organization longer, and the company’s bottom line in the black.

Eliminate stagnation;
keep top talent, longer

By encouraging learners to seek out training in new areas, you’re not only engaging them in your L&D activities, but also empowering them to bring new ideas and skill sets to work.

Uncover new skills
(and areas of improvement)

More than 70% of CEOs are concerned their employees don’t have the skills they need to succeed. Learning technology is the tool you need to develop the well-equipped workforce the future of work requires.

Increase productivity
and job satisfaction

Ongoing learning opportunities increase employee confidence and skill levels, helping you to identify top performers who may evolve into the organization’s next leaders.

70% of employees say opportunities for learning and development
(or lack thereof) are their top reason for staying with or leaving a company

Cineplex is using the Docebo Learning Platform to guide and retain 95% of its top talent

Take a holistic approach
to enterprise learning

Use Docebo to initiate a holistic approach to learning that combines formal, social and experiential learning, as well as skills management.

Produce experiences that will keep
learners coming back

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Docebo brings personalization to the forefront of the learning journey by understanding individualized learning styles, formats and key topics.

Maintain learner interest with social learning

Bring employees together with Docebo Coach & Share. Employees who learn together feel like they’re advancing in their careers and gain a sense of camaraderie from learning alongside peers.

Allow data to guide L&D decision-making

Track and manage the impact learning is having on your business. Build customized dashboards and reports to uncover data-driven conclusions that help you continually improve how L&D activities connect with your learners.

Enable continuous development with a learning platform that puts your workforce at the centre of their L&D journey.