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Convince your executive team it’s time to invest in your LMS project

As a learning and development professional, the benefits of a learning management system probably seem obvious to you. In order to do your job better, you need learning technology that will allow you to increase productivity and better engage your learners.

However, a learning management system (LMS) is a big investment for enterprises, and in order to implement a new LMS (or switch your current system), you’re going to have to gain internal buy-in from your company’s key decision makers. This means it’s time to build an LMS business case for enterprise.

Getting the “Yes”

Convincing your executive team to move forward with an investment in new learning software is no simple feat. It will involve lots of executive discussions, time, and research. You’re going to have to justify spending the company’s money on your project and appeal to the key goals and objections of each member of your executive team.

It might seem like a huge upfront investment of your own time, but remember: when you finally implement an LMS and start to reap the benefits, it will all be worth it.

Build a Better Business Case with the LMS Project Toolkit

To help you gain executive buy-in more efficiently, we’ve put together an LMS Project Toolkit that you can use as a guideline for building your LMS business case for enterprise.

The LMS Project Toolkit includes:

  • Quotable research so you can fuel your business case with data and insights
  • An ROI checklist to help you calculate the value of investing in an LMS
  • Information on how to make the case for switching to a new LMS
  • A presentation template to help you guide your executive discussion
  • Next steps for purchasing an LMS once you hear the executive “yes”
  • …and more!

Download the LMS Project Toolkit and get your enterprise LMS project on its feet faster. Good luck!

Start moving forward with your LMS project. Download the LMS Project Toolkit today!